Debra Rosenberg

Bio: My name is Debra Rosenberg. I’m a ‘woman of a certain age’. Well past forty, not yet sixty, but still keeping it flirty and fabulous…at least in my own head, and isn’t that what really matters? I’m a writer with a recently completed novel called 'Flirting with Monogamy'. When I’m not writing, I’m background talent extraordinaire. In case you don’t know exactly what that is; it means I’m one of those completely ambient people you don’t notice in the background of a scene in a film or television show. You probably never pay attention to them because you’re too fixated on the actors and what they’re saying, but believe me, we background people are extremely important. We’re the people who make it all look real. Imagine how crazy it would look if the actors were talking on an empty city street or eating in a deserted restaurant. It takes a lot of talent to blend in and not be noticed! Years of practice! I’m told I make an excellent pedestrian but believe me; it didn’t happen without a lot of work! I’ve spent years perfecting my craft.

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